Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips for buying used Peugeot vans

Sometimes, investing in used Peugeot vans proves to be a better alternative to buying brand new vans. There are so many used vans available in the market that making the right choice can be difficult. With the help of these tips, you will be able to buy not only cheap used vans, but also the right used van.
1. The first criterion to consider while buying used vans is your budget. You not only have to consider the cost of the van, but also all running costs associated with it. Set an upper limit before you approach a van dealer or private seller and stick to it. Don't think of paying more than this, unless you can afford it.

2. The next point to consider is the specifications you are looking for in your Peugeot van. With so many options around, keep looking and don't settle for any van that does not meet your expectations.

3. It is based on the features of the van that its price is decided. Obviously, the more workable features the van has, the more expensive the van will be. In addition to this, the more is the wear and tear of the van and the more miles it has been driven, the lower is its price.

4. Don't buy the first used Peugeot van you find worth buying. You have to compare rates from various dealers before settling on the right van. You never know when another dealer sells you the same model with similar features, at a better price.

5. Always test drive the van you intend to buy before buying it. As you can never judge a book by its cover, you never know how well the previous owner had maintained the van until you drive it.

6. Take a look at the full service history of the van to find out how well it has been serviced and how many miles the van has traversed. If there is any tampering with the mileage clock, check the interior of the van to see if there are more signs of wear and tear than there should be.

7. Don't forget to check the brakes by making an emergency stop. Grinding of brakes indicate worn out brake pads and shoes. But if the van skids or swerves, be careful. You can find out if there are any problems with the ignition by driving the van in the cold.

8. The tyres should be at legal levels while the gears, moving smoothly. You can tell if there are any worn bearings by releasing the clutch pedal.

9. Last, but not least, you have to study the paperwork of the van for anything unusual or out of place before buying it. Take a look at the MoT certificates, the number of previous owners it has and when the dealer had accepted the van.

The higher is the number of owners and the number of days since the owner has been trying to sell the Peugeot, the higher is the chance of their accepting a lower price for it.

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