Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to reduce fuel costs of automatic vans

Buying an automatic van itself is a huge investment; maintaining, insurance servicing and using it then adds to its expenditure. While it is difficult to cut down on service costs, good care can lead to reduced maintenance costs. By looking around and comparing rates, you can get the cheapest van insurance and with the help of these tips, you can reduce the fuel costs of automatic vans.
1. It is possible to increase the fuel efficiency of your van by driving below or to the designated speed limit of your car. In fact if you drive at 55 mph instead of 75mph, you save about 40% of your fuel.

2. The choice of the right gear helps in increasing fuel efficiency of your vehicle. With the right gear choice, you can stop revving and laboring the engine as it consumes less fuel to reduce your fuel costs.

3. The weight or load of the automatic van affects its fuel efficiency too. Basically, the heavier is the vehicle, the less is its fuel efficiency. In fact, for every additional 100 pounds added to the vehicle, its fuel efficiency is reduced by 1%. As vans are meant to carry heavy loads, it is not possible to avoid them. What can be done is to avoid unnecessary loads like machinery that you don't require for the journey.

4. Your fuel efficiency is greatly reduced when you leave the engine idle while stationary. So if you are sure the van will stand for long stretches, it is better to switch off the engine instead of idling it. No matter how efficient your engine may be, its fuel efficiency is greatly reduced when left idling for long.

5. Organization helps reduce fuel efficiency too. By organization, it means that instead of repeatedly going to the same area for different jobs, you have to plan to do all jobs in the same area at the same time. This cuts down on traveling time and distance, and of course, fuel.

6. Last, but not least, you have to adopt a relaxed driving approach for fuel efficiency. This means you have to reduce the gap between your van and the vehicle in front of you so that you need not brake suddenly or accelerate aggressively to maintain the flow of traffic.
With the help of the above mentioned tips, you will be able to improve the fuel efficiency of your automatic van and thus save on your fuel bills.

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