Friday, February 25, 2011

Maintenance tips for Ford vans

After paying so much for your Ford van, it lies in your hands to maintain it as well as possible so that it gives its best to you. The fundamentals of car maintenance lie in keeping it clean, so here are some tips on keeping your car clean.
1. It is always better to clean tires and rims with a different cloth than for the body. This is to prevent your wheel debris from scratching the van.

2. Never use household cleaners to clean your Ford as they will only strip the wax from the paint, and in the process, damage your Ford finish. Rinse the cloth frequently in clean water to avoid scratching its finish.

3. Tires should be cleaned using good tire cleaning products and a stiff brush. With a good cleaning product, you can remove the brake dust that blackens front rims.

4. The rear of the van should be cleaned last as it accumulates maximum dirt and grime that will only contaminate your cloth.

5. Door jams have to be washed once a month.

6. The van body has to be rinsed thoroughly from top to bottom, including fends and wheels. This is best done by rinsing with a hose where you start at the roof and let water cascade down the van.

7. After rinsing, wipe dry using a chamois or some other car cleaning product.

8. You can now apply wax on the dry van while following manufacturer's instructions. Avoid waxing in direct sunlight.

9. Besides this regular cleaning, you have to make it a habit to check tire inflation and condition, engine light, lights and window washer fluid every month.

10. Every quarterly, check the automatic transmission fluid, belts, engine air filter, battery and cables, exhaust, fuel filter, oil and filter, power steering fluid and hoses of the van.

11. The chassis lubrication, wiper blades and polish have to be checked twice a year.

12. Brakes, spark plugs, steering, suspension, cabin air filter and coolant have to be checked annually.
Though you will have to shell out some money to maintain this maintenance schedule, you find that you will save lots of money in the long fun on car repairs. Moreover, washing your car will not cost much; but it ensures your car remains clean at all times. You will thus not only be the proud owner of a clean Ford van, you find it much easier to sell it if you have to sell it in the future.

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