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The Best Car in the World?

In 2010, BMW overtook Mercedes Benz as the best selling luxury car manufacturer in India for the first time. But Mercedes has no intention of going quietly into the night. Their line-up now features the all-new E Class, as well as the newly Introduced 7-seat GL SUV. But leading the charge is a refreshed, and lengthened, flagship 8 500L.

The wheelbase of the 8 500 has been stretched by 13 centimeters to ensure that corporate honchos and / or world leaders in the back aren't left wanting for leg room. However, BMW stretched its 7 series by one centimeter more, 14 to be precise, in the 750Li. 80 let's delve a little deeper, shall we - to see if the 8 500L can once again profess to be the 'best car in the world,' and reclaim the top spot on the sales charts for the coveted three-pointed star?

From the outside
The current generation S class was introduced in 2005-in India in 2006-and preceded the svelte W220, which, in appearance, was the epitome of understated elegance. The W221 grew to be far more aggressive and shapely, while finding a happy medium between the tank-like S class of yesteryear and the sleek Mercs of today. In 2009, Mercedes tinkered with the S Class in an effort to bring its appearance up-to-date by adding an array of now customary LED lights-both front and rear.

The front end looks more purposeful with added chrome and a redesigned bumper, as well as a more pointed edge. At the rear, this Mercedes flagship wears its S 500 badge proudly. It also has a massive set of rectangular dual exhausts that hint at the serious firepower under hood. The design, on the whole, has just the right combination of curves and creases-the end result is a car hat looks a dominant force going down the road, which of course, is the point.

From the inside
At the recent launch of the S sooL, Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, MD & CEO, Mercedes Benz India, pointed out that this particular model is the most expensive car ever made in India, as it's being carefully assembled at their new state-of-the-art facility in Pune - unlike its Bavarian compatriot, which comes in fully assembled as a CBU. And you need only set one foot inside the cabin of the S 500 to see that it is, indeed, money well spent. In fact, even as you open the doors, you notice the individual shockers in each door to ensure that you don't expend any more energy than absolutely necessary to open and close the soft-close-doors - should your chauffeur be slow to react for some godforsaken reason.

Once inside, there's acres of room in the rear, and every surface has a quality feel to it - even the buttons look decidedly decorative, and feel just as good. There was a time in the recent past, during the days of the Daimler-Chrysler merger, when you could in fact find fault with certain pieces of interior trim in a Mercedes - even in an S Class. But such asuggestion is unequivocally banished into the dusty pages of the history books by the current models.

It's eerily silent in the cabin - ideally suited, I suppose, to plan strategy for your next corporate takeover and / or military coup, depending on your line of work. This car is meant to soothe its occupants. In fact, legend has it that Mercedes actually strapped heart rate monitors onto occupants of the S Class, as well as cars made by rival manufacturers, in an attempt to prove that the heart rate of those in the S Class was, on average, roughly five beats-per-minutes less than that of people in other cars.

And it's the little touches that achieve this, such as seat massagers that truly provide the illusion that there are a team of masseurs hiding in the seatback, and head rests that are so soft and fluffy that they truly cradle your head - so that you can do your best thinking presumably. And while it was very business-like in the all-black interior of our test car, the panorama roof was brilliant, and it made the already expansive interior feel even bigger. However, if you are feelingbusinesslike, there are exquisitely moulded walnut tray tables that fold out of the seat backs. On the contrary, if you'd like some R&R, simply recline your seat, and pull out a bottle of your favourite beverage from the fridge in the back - accessed from in between the rear seats.

You can also watch a DVD on the two screens mounted on the back of the front headrests for added entertainment. In fact, even the front passenger can watch a DVD while the car's on the move - courtesy of 'Splitview' technology incorporated onto the 8-inch high-definition TFT screen in the center console, which allows the driver to view vehicle functions from his vantage point, while, at the same time, the front passenger can watch a movie from his. You also get a now customary USB input in the glove box that allows iPod connectivity quiteeasily - unlike in the 7 series, which requires a proprietary cable from BMW. The Harman Kardon Logie-r surround sound system delivers eoo-watts of absolutely astonishing sound quality from its 14 speakers for your choice of media, whichcan range from an iPod, USB stick, SD card, to CD / DVD, or even 2,500 of your favourite tunes in MP3 or WMA format saved in a 7.2 GB in-built hard disc.

And for the driver, there's the Command system that navigates through vehicle functions via a screen on the center console, as well as a multi function steering wheel that controls a myriad of other functions, including Bluetooth connectivity - all of which is displayed on the instrument cluster in direct view of the driver. In order to display all the requisite information, the S Class has a digital speedometer projected on an LCD screen - complete with faux speedo needle. The good thing is that all these various bits of technology work extremely well together to keep you both well informed and relaxed at the same time. Oh, and you can also change the colour of the mood lighting in the car to suit your present disposition - ranging from Solar (yellow), Polar (blue), To natural (white).
On the road

The S 500 doesn't feel propelled so much by an engine, as it does by an invisible force. The 5.4 litre V8 that produces 370 horsepower is sublime-as is the 7-speed automatic transmission to which it's mated. The engine really is incredible smooth-it feels exactly the same at 1500 rpm as it does at 6500. The gearbox, meanwhile, has similar qualities, as shifts are instant and indistinguishable. That being said, there's nothing subtle about how the S class thunders down the road-leaving on-lookers and passengers in absolute disbelief that something this large can move quite so swiftly.

The S 500 gives up about 40 horsepower to the BMW 745Li, and while you do feel the deficit on occasion, it's only because the motor in the BMW appeared to be stolen from a rocket launcher. Nevertheless, Mercedes claim a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of, brace yourself, 5.4 seconds! Step on the acceleration pedal, and the whole car shrinks around you in a manner that you don't quite expect. If you imagine that the current S class will feel large and lumbering to drive, you're in for either a rude shock or a pleasant surprise-depending on your point of view.

Nevertheless, the rate of progress you can achieve in this car is staggering.150km\h is achieved in the smallest of open spaces with consummate ease-in case you're running late for a board meeting that is, And, based on how far behind schedule you really are, you can choose between three driving models-comfort, sport, and manual. Comfort, as the name suggests, ensures that engine and suspension are ideally suited to waft you from place-to-place. Sport mode, on the other hand, readies the suspension for some hooliganism, and the engine revs considerably freeier as well. In manual mode, you can change gears via paddles mounted behind the steering, which means you can hold higher revs in lower gears and burn a barrel or two of oil quicker than in a jet plane. Of course, since the S Class is engineered in Germany, these different engine and chassis setting actually do work.

The Active Body control courtesy of the air suspension ensures that the car remains defiantly flat through the corners. In fact, you can even turn off the traction control and have a little fun-in a two-tone S Class! Go into a corner too fast, and the car will understeer, but not in a way that's recalcitrant. Instead, the chassis communicates what it's doing in an effort to keep the driver informed of the physics defying feat that's being attempted. And if you're a little more clever, you can use the power being driven to the rear wheels to enjoy lurid power slides-I use the term lurid loosely of course, since the traction control cuts is despite being turned off if it feels like you're having a little too much fun.

The S Class, in keeping with its pioneering spirit in terms of technology, also has a battery of technological feats, such as adaptive cruise control, which even has the ability to bring the car to a complete halt by itself, parking guidance, which is optional, but can park the car largely by itself, infrared night view assist, also optional, but useful, pre-safe, which braces for an impact if things go pear shaped, and adaptive headlights, which, of course, are fantastic. you can even manually raise the ride height if you're going over some exceptionally bad roads-of which we have plenty. The brakes and ABS are phenomenal, which goes without saying really-we did test them nonetheless.

After experiencing the S 500L,let's just say our suggestion would be to appear magnanimous, and allow the chauffeur extended paid leave.


The competition may be treading on its toes, but you have to admit that there is something about the allure of the S Class that plays into its image of being an automotive icon, which has been carefully created over all these years. It still feels like the right car for the ruling elite. And if you're lucky enough to be able to write a check for one, you're still buying into that heritage. The 7 series BMW is by far a more serious drivers' machine - whereas the S Class does astonish you from behind the wheel, the 7 series simply blows you away.

But that also plays into the hands of the Mercedes somewhat, since being less driver oriented means that the ride comfort, and therefore rear seat comfort, in the Mercedes is unparalleled - it does seem to spoil you a little bit more than the BMW. The S Class may have become the predictable choice to demonstrate to the world that you've arrived - but it's by no means the wrong one.

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a sports car from British Manufacturer Aston Martin

The modern Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a sports car from British manufacturer Aston Martin. Aston Martin has previously used the “Vantage” name on high performance variants of their existing GT models, notably on the massively powerful heavyweight Virage-based supercar of the 1990s. The modern car, in contrast, is the leanest and most agile car in Aston’s three-model lineup. As such, it is intended as a more accessible model to compete with cars such as the Porsche 911.

Introduced all-new for the 2006 model year, the V8 Vantage was first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005. The two seat, two door coupé has a bonded aluminum structure for strength and lightness. The 172.5 inch (4.38 m) long coupe features a hatchback-style tailgate for practicality, with a large luggage shelf behind the seats.

The V8 Vantage is powered by a 4.3 L (4282 cc) quad-cam 32-valve V8 which produces 380 hp (283 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 302 lb-ft (409 N·m) at 5,000 rpm. Though based loosely on Jaguar’s AJ-V8 engine, this engine is unique to Aston Martin and features race-style dry-sump lubrication, which enables it to be mounted low in the chassis for an improved center of gravity. The cylinder block and heads, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshafts, inlet and exhaust manifolds, lubrication system, and engine management are all unique to Aston Martin. The V8 is assembled by hand at the AM facility in Cologne, Germany, which also builds the V12 for the DB9 and Vanquish.

The engine is front mid-mounted with a rear-mounted transaxle, giving a 49/51 front/rear weight distribution. The V8 Vantage can accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in a manufacturer claimed 4.9 seconds (62 mph (100km/h), 5sec) and reach a 175 mph (280km/h) top speed. As a testament to the car’s performance, handling, and endurance, an almost-stock Vantage entered and completed the 2006 Nurburgring 24-Hour race finishing 24th overall at the race, among a field of largely motorsport-homologated cars. The only modifications to the car were a roll cage, racing fuel system, fire protection, racing seat, and hydraulic jacks. The car was otherwise completely standard, including a regular production engine, transmission, suspension, and bodywork.
The V8 Vantage retails for £79,000, US$110,000, or €104,000, and Aston Martin plans to build up to 3,000 per year. Included is an exclusive interior with leather-upholstery for the seats, dash, steering-wheel, and shift-knob. A two-tone full-leather interior is available as an option, as are heated front seats, navigation, rear parking sensors, and xenon headlights.

There is expected to be a V8 Roadster in early 2007.

In their 2006 readership survey, readers of Car Design News voted the Aston Martin V8 Vantage as the best current production car design. The survey results were based on over 1000 responses, most from working automotive designers and students of industrial and automotive design. The vantage was also voted one of Automobile magazine’s 2007 “All Stars” for it’s performance, road manners, and design. The V8 Vantage is also one of the only two cars to be added to “the fridge” – reserved for the super-”cool” – on the BBC’s Top Gear (on which it is described as the baby Aston to differentiate it from the V12 powered DB9). The program rates cars from seriously un-cool to sub-zero. The fridge was an extra category added when the presenters deemed the Aston Martin DB9 too cool for the sub-zero category. In the 2005 awards, Jeremy Clarkson declared the V8 Vantage as the best car of the year, while the award winner was actually the Porsche 911. This resulted in Richard Hammond (“Hamster”) eating the piece of paper. The noise created by its V8 engine has been described by Clarkson as, “Like Tom Jones being mauled by an alsatian”.

During the 2006 British Motor Show, Aston Martin revealed a variant of the V8 Vantage that was set to go racing in the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race. The car, now known as the V8 Vantage N24, was driven by Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez, development engineer Chris Porrit, development driver Wolfgang Schuhbauer and Hans von Saurma in the 24 hour race and finished 4th in class and 24th overall, before being driven home on public roads. Modifications to the car include extensive lightening and strengthening, the addition of a front splitter and extended door sills for aerodynamic efficiency as well as equipment to make the car race ready (roll cage, racing fuel tank, etc.), the engine is left relatively untuned from the regular V8 Vantage, with most of the performance coming from the lightening and revised settings. The N24 is considered Aston’s rival to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and both cars share similar performance figures, both reaching 62 mph from a standstill in 4.2 seconds. Unlike the rival Porsche however, the N24 will not cost any more than the regular car (price is currently set at about £82,000) as Aston does not believe in the Porsche strategy of charging more for a car with less equipment. Only around 20 or so examples of the N24 are expected to be built.

2010 Jaguar XJ Preview isCool

Even if Jaguar has just unveiled a facelift for the old XJ, this is not the only news coming to us. In 2009 the company will unveil a totally redesigned model, with design cues taken from the latest C-XF Concept and from the upcoming XF sedan. Even if the new generation XJ will be built on the current aluminum platform, everything on the exterior will be changed.

In an attempt to make all Jaguar models the most modern car on the road, the new XJ will have modern and aggressive lines and a more muscular look. The new generation XJ will be designed under the supervision of Jaguar design Chief Ian Callum. Jaguar wants the new XJ, codenamed X351, to be more radical than the XF that will be unveiled in 2008.
Ian Callum explains the design philosophy behind the car: “Sports sedans were Jaguar’s mantle with cars such as the Mk2 and Series 1 XJ of the 1960s – and we’re having it back! But we’re not harking back to another era for the sake of it. Instead we need to recognize design elements and move forward in a modern and contemporary way.”With prices to go up to more than $150.000, the new XJ will be a strong competitor for the Mercedes CLS, Maserati Quattroporte and Bentley Flying Spur.At 2007 Detroit Auto Show Jaguar unveiled the C-XF, a concept that previews the future generations of sports saloons and reaffirms the direction Jaguar is taking. On the same auto show, the company also promised that the “new Jaguars would be beautiful, fast, glamorous and evocative”. In order to keep that promise, the new XJ will take many of its design elements from the C-XF concept: the narrower nose with narrower headlights, the same large, square grille. Also the car’s interior design theme is close to that seen in the C-XF concept, but with addition of some hi-tech fixtures and fittings.New on the XJ models will be the windscreen that is said to extend back into the roof panel.Under the hood, the new XJ will feature a lineup of engines including a Volvo-derived in-line six and updated V8. There will be a 3.2 liter V6 and V8 engines and also the new 3.2 litre petrol six. Also the V8 engines from current model will be upgraded to 5.0 liters. The 5.0 liter V8 engine will have an output of 300 hp. It will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 5.8 seconds and will have a top speed of 165 mph.

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Benefits of Being a Member of the Car Club

People are often wondering exactly why they should join a car club. There are a number of members who simply pick up the ability to show off their car, while there are others who are able to acquire the experience and expertise of dozens of other car enthusiasts without having to pay an actual mechanic.

Still some other members experience the thrill of showing off their vehicle at the shows that are held, and others are able to help out younger or less knowledgeable owners with their wealth of knowledge. To which category you belong, you will know the best. Many people belong to a few different categories.

Usually it's easy to use your car club membership to your advantage. If you are searching for advice and useful assistance then it is even easier. Folks who are trying to use the car club to seek out advice are usually able to locate several people who are quite helpful to them. Having this form of assistance can be an enormous asset especially to individuals who are just starting out and learning. Using the information and tips that are passed along to you can be a very valuable way of absorbing information at a much quicker pace.

People who are looking for car shows to show off their car are generally very pleased with car clubs. Most clubs have at least one, and usually more car shows a year, and can be a splendid place to show off your car. Using the acquaintances, you make at car shows can provide you lots of contacts for terrific deals on car parts, people interested in buying your car, cars that you are interested in buying, and lots of friends and admirers for your car. People like attending car shows and many clubs organize ways to allow members to attend at a discounted rate, rather than having to pay the full price.

If you like talking about cars, teaching people or helping them, you will love your club. New members will love learning from you and listening to you.

If you have a kit car, then being a member of a club will be very helpful. You will have access to lots of information that is normally not easily available. You will be able to learn lots of valuable tricks that will help you to create your perfect car.

If you are a charitable person, the car club will offer you different possibilities of charity work.

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Luxury Car Modification 2010

HOT Ventross Nissan GTR Skyline Modification

Branew Nissan GTR Black Edition Modification

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABT Sportsline Audi R8 V10 | Audi Tuning Specialist from Germany

ABT Sportsline, Audi tuning specialist from Germany, has released its first details of its tuned Audi R8 V10.

The ABT Sportsline Audi R8 V10 is powered by a tuned 5.2-liter FSI V10 engine that produces 600 hp (441 kW), an increase of 75 hp from the stock 525 hp (386 kW) and 530 Nm of torque.

The ABT R8 now sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the stock R8. The top speed meanwhile is at 322 km/h (200 mph).

With the increase of power, ABT Sportsline equipped the R8 with an adjustable sports suspension system.
ABT’s DTM division designed the body kit featuring an ABT front grille, new front air dams, new side skirts, a rear apron and a rear spoiler.

Other features include a 4-pipe exhaust system and ABT AR and BR 20-inch wheels.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Edo Porsche Cayenne GTS engine generates

The Edo Porsche Cayenne GTS engine generates 450 horsepower (331 kW) and a maximum torque of 530 Nm (391 ft-lb) at 3,800 rpm. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes a scant 6.4 seconds and the top speed is an unbelievable 270 km/h (168 mph). The edo Porsche Cayenne GTS is also equipped with a new brake system. Huge six-piston fixed mono-block calipers clamp down on thicker and larger diameter brake rotors as well as upsized pads in the front. Rotor dimensions: 380 x 38 mm (15 x 1.5 inches). Ideal road contact of the edo Porsche Cayenne GTS is provided by new 22 inch forged wheels with stainless steel outer rims: 10 x 22 inch with 295/30 ZR22 tires up front and 11 x 22 inch with 295/30 ZR22 in the rear.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

AUDI AG WORLDWIDE RELEASE: Luxury in grand style: The new Audi A8 L

he new A8 is a concentrated high-tech package that confirms Audi claim to technical leadership ? ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. And now the brand is introducing the top version of its flagship model. The A8 L W12 quattro, with a long wheelbase and a twelve-cylinder engine, sets new standards of luxury, dynamism and efficiency in the top automobile manufacturing league. The Audi A8 L is being launched with a twelve-cylinder engine, but by the end of the year will be available with all the engines currently offered for the A8.

What’s fascinating about the A8 L is its supremely powerful presence; its design is clearly derived from the brand’s genes and yet has undergone further refinement. The long wheelbase does not disturb its taut outlines, which remain as athletic as they are elegant.

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Sport Seats Model

To choose sport seats are depending on the make and model of your car you may or may not have a desirable looking interior, older car will have a striped look interior and may not match with the new colour scheme you have adopted. The two best and most popular things to do are either have your existing car seats re-trimmed or buy a set of bucket racing seats, most custom car garages will offer a re-trimming service and for a cost of about $ 2500 they will completely change the internal colours of your car to match the outside of the car.
The more popular method of upgrading your seats is to change the existing seat for a set of bucket racing seats, these seats are used in rally car and touring car style racing to keep the driver held securely in there seat so they would be ideal for a person who likes to go round corners fast.
The average pair of seats will set you back about $ 350,00 per seat but because of there construction and materials used they will also cut weight from your car which as we all know will make you go faster.

Body Kit Modification

Body kits, there are a very small amount of cars that can get away with a standard body and still turn heads but as in the case of most cars if your want a really good sporty and custom look from your car your going to have to kit it.
Depending on what car you own you may have a large amount of different body kits available to you, but if your are making a custom car that is not commonly modified then you are going to have to venture in to the world of customised body work.
Luckily there is hope for cars that don’t have body kits produced for your car, there are body shops that will take a kit designed for a different car and make it fit on to your ride.
The main draw back of doing this is cost not only do you have to buy the kit you will also have to pay for the time and efforts of your body shop to customise and fit your kit then your will also incur the cost of a full re-spray to get the car up to scratch.
If your are lucky enough to have a kit that fits right on to your car you may be able to kit your car up for under £1000 painted but if your are going for a customised look your may need to save up in the region of £3000 +, I know it is a hefty amount but the end results are well worth the money.

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New Carlsson 2010 - C25 Super GT Modification Concept

Carlsson presents an own developed automobile at this year’s Geneva Motor Show – the Carlsson C25 Limited Super-GT. The concept of this Super-GT is based on the vision of combining maximum driving performance with an entirely new design and high exclusiveness. The result is a breathtaking and beautiful sports coupé with 753 hp in a limited edition of only 25 cars world-wide.
The performance data of the six litre V12 Bi-Turbo is impressive. The high-performance aggregate with a motor management optimisation patented by Carlsson renders 753 hp (554 kW) and allows fast acceleration as well as smooth travels at lower speeds. Also responsible for the perfect performance evolvement is the elaborately developed stainless steel exhaust system with ends in four edgy pipes at the back. The power catapults the C25 with a torque of 1320 Newton metres at 3750 r.p.m. which is electronically limited to 1,150 Newton metres from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 352 km/h.

The Carlsson C25 Super-GT Concept also comes with an ultra-light and forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5×20 and 12×20 inches have been especially designed for the C25 and are equipped with high performance tyres measuring 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear live axle.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hydraulic Cylinders For Car Safety and Comfortable Riding

The hydraulic cylinders are known for the great power delivered by them. The enormous power that can be obtained with the help of the hydraulic cylinders have made them integral parts of all kinds of heavy equipments and heavy vehicles such as the bulldozers, forklifts, excavators etc . Unlike the olden days when the hydraulic cylinder were only used in applications like heavy equipments and manufacturing industries, today, they have found their place in conventional domestic applications such as the regular automotive parts, door stoppers, elevators etc. In fact the implementation of the concept of hydraulic cylinder in domestic applications has added great convenience and safety to our lives. When it comes to hydraulic cylinder applications in domestic applications, the conventional car parts are the best examples.

Hydraulic Brakes For Extra Safety

The hydraulic brakes present in the conventional cars are excellent examples for the application of hydraulic cylinder for domestic purposes. The hydraulic brakes work on the principle of piston driven hydraulic cylinder. The main advantage of the hydraulic brakes is that they multiply the force applied to the brake pedal which results in very efficient braking. Though there are some critics which claim that the hydraulic brakes have the risk of oil leak, the modern technologies have found a solution to eliminate the problem. Instead of using one piston driven slave cylinder, today's modern cars make use of two slave cylinders. As a result, even if one of the hydraulic cylinders that controls the brake fails, the other one will work. The ensures double safety in the modern cars.

The Hydraulic Suspension For Extra Comfort

Car modification is a hobby for many people. For some others it is just adding extra comfort. In both cases the hydraulic suspension is one of the great additions to look for. You will be well aware of the fact that only a few domestic vehicles such as the SUVs will be equipped with the hydraulic suspension from the factory. The main advantage of the hydraulic suspension is that it provides individual damping for all the four wheels and thereby offering great comfort even on the most rugged terrains. To the added advantage all the four hydraulic suspensions can be controlled individuality with the flick of a button. There is nothing to worry if your car is not pre equipped with hydraulic suspension. There are universal hydraulic suspension kits that can be attached to any car.

Apart from the above mentioned parts, there are many other car parts where the hydraulic cylinders are used. Without doubt the hydraulic cylinders have added great safety and comfort to our lives.

Hydraulic cylinders are indispensable when it comes to manufacturing. The author has also explained the importance of hydraulic cylinders in the manufacturing plants. His wide knowledge about hydraulic cylinders have become guides of people looking for the hydraulic cylinders.

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Car's Body Kit Modification

Car body kits for primary purposes are used as cosmetic tools for your car, yet they have a potential of implicating a radical change in the appearance of the car. However applying just a body kit and assuming that car modification job has been performed very well is a misconception many armature car modifiers bear. One should always choose a body kit best aligning with the lines of your car.One should always choose a body kit best aligning with the lines of their cars. Kits requiring spray and paint should be properly sprayed or one should be prepared to spend extra bucks once the kit starts to peel off.

One problem faced during a car modification or installing a new body kit is that the colors seldom match with whole car and it is very difficult to find or maintain the right color combination for the car. However good opportunity arises when fitting a new kit, to respray the whole car so to have a suitable color combination.

Some tips regarding front bumper and grill seems to be appropriate here. New bumpers especially the front one lack the physical strength as compared to the standard one so provide less protection against any crash. Similarly new grills, one finds it usually to be very difficult to install when the remaining body kits has been already applied. So when installing grills and vents a person should be very conscious of the order with which he is going to install the body kit or a lot of time will be wasted in fitting and unfitting the kit.

Off the shelf body kits may look attractive in their packing but they rarely compliment the car and most of the time they fail to enhance the look of the car. So the best way is to get your car a new custom body kit from any specialist body shop. But remember when you have opted for yourself to become a car modifier then don't be a miser in spending some extra money on good quality body kits. This hobby sure requires some high investments. Going for cheap, low quality kits would simply mean that you are wasting your money and time. Don't ever be reluctant in spending some money on good ones as well fitted body kits can prove to be real investments which is definitely going to pay off in future in the form of sponsorship contracts and air time at local TV programs.

A good way to ensure that all the parts are fitted in their required order is to read the instruction manual carefully on the packing of the body kits and make sure all the parts provided in the list are present. Just lay down all the parts around the car and hold them against body work in order to make sure for the best fit.

When cutting holes for the exhaust, ensure that you always strive for 1-2cm wider than what actually is required so that you don't have to face any irritation just in case you commit a mistake in measuring the required diameter of the hole. However to measure the hole's diameter, use cardboard template for best results.

Many people love to spray their kits before fitting it to the car. However much better results have been witnessed when the kit is sprayed on the vehicle. Carbon fiber panels are much lighter than an ordinary one and they are best in reducing the overall car weight as well as maintaining the rigidity. Are you fed up of small scratches occurred mostly during the parking? Well again installation of good quality kits seems to be the only remedy for this problem besides being more conscious on the road.

Low skirts beside enhancing the look of your ride also increases the cornering speed but a bad job in fitting them can cause the problems of grounding at bumps as well as drastic effects on the cooling ability of the engine. At the end make sure to check the temperature Gauge to ensure that the car is not heating up quickly because of installation of new body kit. Be careful to fit the kit on stiffer suspension. This will sure have some implications on the usability of the car but it will avoid the problems of grounding of your car because of the new weights of body kits applied to your ride.

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The 2010 Lincoln MKS

Love the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution but looking for a little more refinement and class? Until now, Mitsubishi offered only two variants of the Lancer Evolution sedan including the GSR and MR. Well, meet the new 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Touring, the range topping Evo with a $40,990 price-tag that moves the hot Mitsubishi sedan into luxury car territory.

The two biggest differences you’ll notice between the GSR, MR and the MR Touring trim-levels are the MR Touring’s standard power glass sunroof and the standard lip spoiler. Power still comes from the 2.0L DOHC MIVEC turbocharged engine making 291-hp with a maximum torque of 300 lb-ft. All that is sent to the wheels through a 6-speed Twin Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission with magnesium steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters. The 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Touring also gets heated leather RECARO front sports seats and heated side mirrors.

Add a $1,999 navigation system package and other accessories (see the list after the jump) and your fully-loaded 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Touring can hit a whopping price-tag of $52,728.

Here at Gear Patrol’s New York branch, we do our fair share of golfing, no thanks to the tyrannical tee-time scheduling of Patrick Tuttle. The Land Rover we keep parked in midtown Manhattan does a fine job soldiering us to each week’s round. Our only hurdles being either poor traffic conditions or my refusal to heed the exact distances the Garmin GPS (and passengers) are screaming at me. “Turn left in 50 yards” isn’t as easy a command as it seems when entering the hell that is the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge (see map after the jump).

Luckily, one of the perks of manning Gear Patrol is getting the chance to test things out in real world environments, and that’s exactly what Lincoln wanted us to do with the near $50,000 Red Candy 2010 Lincoln MKS. We, in typical GP fashion, took it out for a round of golf and put it through its paces in the (c)armageddon we fondly call New York, New York.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Best ABT Audi R8

The Abt R8: Sports car in perfection

There are cars and dream cars. The latter includes Lamborghini's Gallardo, Ferrari's F430 or Porsche's 911 Turbo. These cars make your heart beat faster and show the perfected magic of speed on the roads. Abt Sportsline's R8 will also be among these outstanding super sports cars and is getting ready to overtake them in the prestige duel.

The design studies already show the first impressions of Abt's sportiest creation - and prove that the Kempten-based tuner manages to perfect an excellent serial model like the R8 to detail and accentuate its racing genes already in the drawing. The front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the unique and beautiful rear with its four inclined arranged exhaust end pipes, the rear diffuser and the extravagant rear wing, the front of the Abt R8 is part of an overall concept that brings about phenomenal roadholding. The add-on parts of the super sports cars from the Allgäu-region improve downforce and ensure perfect balance of the front and rear axis. This is especially notable in speed ranges reserved for only a few cars. The sideblades which were developed especially for the Abt R8 and the Abt side skirts give the Abt R8 a new and individual design besides aerodynamical advantages. The aerodynamically efficient Abt body kit, which also includes carbon-fibre parts, is a real eye catcher but also shows the state-of-the-art Bavarian precision work. With the ingenious construction, which also includes a carbon-fibre bonnet, not only a maximum reduction in weight is achieved but it also ensures optimized weight distribution of the Abt R8 - the pure presence of the model athlete already shows this.

Technology and design milestones do not only come from Maranello or Sant'Agata-Bolognese but also from Kempten. The Abt R8 will be a gorgeous dream car with the genes of a top-class race car. This special automobile will belong to one of the fastest among the fastest; the Abt R8 will also challenge the Lamborghinis and Porsches. With regards to the anticipated performance data the Bavarians are traditionally discreet. But this data already amazes sports car fans and makes them want to spur the hot-blooded Bavarian horses. 530 HP (390 kW) are to be drawn from the 4.2 litre-V8 thanks to the Abt supercharger. Compared with the serial model which already shows impressive performance data this means an increase of 110 HP (81 kW). The brand new Abt 20-inch BR wheels stylishly transfer this power onto the asphalt. The all-wheel-drive dream car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 317 km/h. These values are synonymous with magic and this extraordinary super sports car desperately wants to be driven. By means of the Abt suspension which is adjustable in height, pressure and rebound, the performance and driving comfort of the super sports car can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of its driver.

A dream car is becoming reality: In autumn the top-class sports cars will have a new challenger as this is when the almost unrivalled fast and uniquely beautiful Abt R8 becomes available.

The Abt Audi R8 Dream Modern Sport Car

separates cars from dream cars? The former basically includes cars that may be considered as necessity; you know ordinary transport that takes you from point A to point B and then back again. Dream cars however, are another story since they include the array of supercars that makes your heart flutter and transforms the road into a stage for you to show off.

The Abt Sportsline’s R8 is another addition to the selection of dream cars and is preparing to get ready to overtake the other sportscar in the battle for prestige. The design studies conducted by Abt for the Audi R8 has lead to the creation of one of the sportiest sports car that Audi—luxury unit of Volkswagen and recipient of quality VW vent visors -- has ever had—the Abt Audi R8.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Mazda Furai: Like Sex on Wheels

You want to talk luxury cars? Okay, my friends and fellow car enthusiasts, then we are going to talk luxury cars.

Specifically, we are going to talk about luxury from a very surprising, very unexpected — by me, at least — source: Mazda.

You cannot take even the shortest glimpse at the concept for the Mazda Furai without admitting that this car is definitely luxurious. It just screams richness with the way it looks. It is an interpretation on the Nagare design, an award winning aesthetic named after a Japanese term known to mean “the embodiment of motion,” as well as “flow.”

Both terms most definitely apply to the Furai concept. This low slung beauty looks both powerful and high class, the kind of thing you expect to see in the next James Bond film.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Car Engine Modification

In order to get every last bit of performance and horsepower from your vehicle, you'll require investing in some modifications. As modifications like wing spoilers, body kits, aftermarket breaks, and performance wheels all of these gives performance benefits to your car; merely setting up your car engine to the fullest will assist you to produce the horsepower required to increase your car over the rivalry down the strip or the street. The following are several well-known ways in how to modify the engine of your car and obtain the performance that you want badly:

• High Performance Radiators - An engine with high performance gives added power, and, as a result, added warmth. This radiator will be required to maintain its coolness. These radiators are made to manage a lot of pressure ranges and higher temperatures compared to OEM radiators. These will assist in keeping your engine performance protected from running smoothly and overheating regardless of anywhere you run your vehicle.

• Cold Air Intake - This can increase and boost the performance of your car engine by a considerable amount. OEM intakes pull in warm air from just about the engine bay, which reduces the capabilities of the performance of your car engine. By supplying a cold stable stream of thick air, the intake of cold air can provide you improved ignition, which provides additional power per stroke, zooming you down the street with superior pleasure.

Turbos and Superchargers -These could boost the performance of your car's engine to a deliberately superior level. Each method provides unlike benefits, and so it will require choosing the one that is right for your requirements. For example, a supercharger provides enhancements in the performance across a broad array of the power band. A turbo, alternatively, offers a performance greater at superior ranges on the RPM (on the whole, a supercharger is immense for the street, while a turbocharger is perfect for the track).

• Custom Ignition System - This can work wonders for your engine. High-tension wires and spark plugs performance could put in horsepower into your engine. Additionally, timing that is advanced could also give you a push that is greater. Performance wires and plugs give more sparks; this is what drives the pistons and ignites the fuel inside your engine. When put together with the intake of cold air benefits, this system of custom ignition will provide you enormous boost in performance.

These are only a small number of car engine modifications that you'll be capable of doing consecutively to make the most of performance and power. Having the exact tools and a bit of assistance, you can increase the performance of your engine to unbelievable heights.

Mike has been working on cars and trucks since he got his first Olds 442 in the early 70's. Since then he was worked on many vehicles and is deeply interested in electronics and the new computer controls of today vehicles. While it might seem they are limiting the DIY'r he thinks just the opposite. With the right OBDII Code Reader and Haynes repair Manual you can do far more than the days of screwdrivers and timing lights.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Riceboi-Street Racing

Our Riceboi Car

A Riceboi / Riceboy is a commonly known stereotype for someone identified by his/her car and what they do to it. In general terms, riceboi's usually start off with a stock car usually bought with a showroom specification. They then attempt to modify / fix it up by adding after market lowering springs, spoilers, body kits, rims, exhausts, neons and large exhaust tips. Its common that most riceboi cars ( or "Rice rockets") are accompanied with an array of star decals or stickers that proudly display what the car is or is not.

Its possible for riceboi's to not exclusively use japanese cars, it is quite common for the use of other cars such as mustangs, rovers, ford, clio, bmw and other such cards. If it exist then they will try to modify them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2011 BMW 335is the Best

BMW has just released some new pictures and pricing information for their new 2011 335si coupe and convertible models. According to their reports the coupe will start from $50,525 including destination while the convertible model will carry a price tag of $59,075.