Friday, May 21, 2010

Smart and Economical Cars of Our Time

Japanese cars! Yes, if your question was what are some cars that can save me money? I have the answer right here. Take a look at Tokyo Japan for example. They use new technology which is pads that people walk on in downtown and this generates electricity. The city is very densely populated and people there drive economical cars. Small cars such as Honda civic hatchbacks, Nissan Versas, smart cars, Acuras, and so on. Gas prices in Japan according to the CNN chart as of right now 5/4/10 are 4.25 USD per gallon. Now for us this may not seem like a big deal but remember in Japan the minimum wage is about $40 to $55 per day. I am guessing in America an average worker who works an 8 hour day and receives 8.40 an hour is going to get around $68 dollars. You can see the difference in earnings easily.

Moving on, Japanese cars are very reliable (if taken care of) and can last usually over 200,000 miles. Now there is a good example of stretching your dollar. Plus an advantage to Japanese cars is how much modification, performance, and details you can put into the car. Secondly, "Honda has made over 50 million vetch engines and have never failed". -Top gear Jeremy) Looking at reality into the future I am guessing that gas prices will go up, as well as electricity rates, and food costs. Its wiser to have something that you can maintain easily like oil changes, brakes, and tires, and these are really easy to change with Japanese cars. Really it's a breeze to own a Jap car and simple to maintain. So next time your in the market for cars, get a Jap car!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The All New 2010 Audi A5 Turbocharged 2 Liter Engine

New 2010 Audi A5

One of the newest additions to Audi's line of luxury vehicles is the Audi A5, a two-door sport coupe. Originally introduced with a standard six-cylinder engine, the A5 has received a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine for 2010. The new 2.0 liter engine produces 211 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, compared to the 265 horsepower 3.2 liter V6 with 243 lb-ft of torque that was the only option for the 2009 A5 and remains an option for 2010. Both engines can be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, while the four-cylinder also has a six-speed manual option.

The new four-cylinder engine, called the 2.0T by Audi, also provides better fuel economy than the V6. With a manual transmission, the 2.0T is EPA rated for 22 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway, and 25 mpg combined. The automatic transmission drops the fuel economy to 21 city, 27 highway, and 23 combined. The six-cylinder engine improved in fuel economy over the last year; it now is rated for 18 city, 27 highway, and 21 combined (compared to 17/26/20 for the 2009 model). With a 16.9 gallon fuel tank, the 2.0T manual has a range of 422.5 miles, while the 2.0T auto can go 388.7 miles between fill-ups and the V6 is good for 354.9 miles.

One of the highlights of the new 2.0T engine is its impressive torque. It produces more than the V6 engine, and it peaks very low in the car's RPM range. The 2.0T gets to 258 lb-ft of torque at just 1500 rpm, which has left reviewers in awe of the driving experience. Great performance is a requirement for this car, as Audi has stiff competition in this segment from the BMW 3-series and the Infiniti G37 coupe, both of which have more powerful engines.

2010 Audi TTS Concept

Audi unveiled the Audi TTS in 2008. It was designed to a powerful sport car. Now Audi debuted the 2010 model of TTS after two years later. The new model will be sold in both coupe and roadster bodies.

Compare to the second generation TT, I especial like the original TT. But the second generation is more powerful than the original, so if your like driving you may like the second generation. Audi equip with turbocharged performance and seductive design meet exquisite craftsmanship in the 2010 Audi TTS, but U.S.-bound versions are missing the one feature they need most: a true manual transmission.

The new AUDI TTS gets a mild facelift highlighted, complemented by revised chrome accenting on its grille and redone foglamps and housings. Other exterior change include dual chrome exhaust tips,a distinct front and rear fascia as well as LED driving lights and a set of slick 18 inch wheels. Xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights join a tastefully sporty front end design that is high-tech, fun and yet serious in appearance.

Inside, the new model is available as a four-seat coupe and a two-seat roadster. Audi Navigation System Plus displays 3D map graphics on a 6.5-inch LCD screen, also equips with MP3 memory card slots and a six-CD changer. The Audi Magnetic Ride system uses shocks filled with magnetically charged fluid. Computer controls change the damping rates to match the driving situation, and the driver can choose between Normal and Sport modes for soft comfort or stiff fun.

The Audi TTS is equipped with a standard high output version of the direct injected 2.0 Liter engine, which making a maximum output of 265 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque, pound-feet from 2500 to 5000 rpm. The additional power and customized Quattro all wheel drive system helps the TTS accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4.9 seconds. Thanks to Audi's advanced TFSI technology both the TTS Coupe and Roadster get as much as 29 MPG on the highway. The TTS is offered only with the tronic six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission in the U.S.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 Audi Quattro Unleashed

2010 Audi Quattro

The new 2010 Quattro from Audi comes with all new designs and features and will be versatile enough to tackle any kind of road conditions, particularly the snow covered roads. In addition to capability to handle all the road situations, the new Quattro model will also provide enhanced drive comfort and safety features.

The 2010 Quattro from Audi is a luxury touring vehicle with the features similar to that of a sport utility model. Performance will be the key feature for the new Quattro variant. Beyond the car's valuable engines, the other standard features in the next generation Quattro include, electronic brake force distribution, pneumatic suspension that provides good ground clearance for all the driving conditions, electronic stabilization program technology, five valves per cylinder in the engine block, electronic differential locks, all road Quattro technology that supplies equal power to all the wheels and electronic brake force distribution.

The next generation Quattro model is expected to be released in the last season of 2010. The new 2010 Quattro comes powered with 4.2 liter V8 engine and is also expected to offer bi-turbo 2.7 liter V6 engine as an option for the coupe model. The features in the new Quattro include Audi symphony stereo, power memory seats, leather wrapped seats, driver information system, high strength roof, xenon head lights, and skid plates.

With the powerful engine, the new Quattro is expected to achieve the mileage of 12 miles per gallon in the city premises, while it can achieve 19 miles per gallon on the highway roads. The new model will be provided with all wheel drive and comes mated with 6-speed manual transmission with double plate clutch.

Audi 2010 A4 Is All Power With Classleading Fuel Economy By Ronnie W Tanner Platinum Quality Author

Audi 2010 A4

Audi has presented a new A4 for the 2010 model year that is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The premium sedan features a two liter turbo-charged engine that produces two hundred and eleven horsepower.

The four cylinder turbo is responsive; the quick acceleration is delivered in a controlled manner through a six-speed manual transmission. The engine features four valves per cylinder, with a direct injection fuel system and dual overhead cam shafts. The sedan is also available with the "quattro" all wheel drive system that Audi has been perfecting since the 1980's. In addition to the aforementioned two hundred and eleven horsepower that the engine delivers at six thousand revolutions per minute, the engine also delivers two hundred fifty-eight pounds of torque at four thousand two hundred revolutions per minute.

The Environmental Protection Agency has rated the engine as returning twenty-two miles per gallon in city driving, and thirty miles per gallon on the highway. In comparison, the BMW 3 series base engine (three liter, six cylinder) returns only nineteen miles per gallon in city driving and only twenty-eight miles per gallon in highway driving. It should also be noted that the Audi A4 returns these mileage figures with the all wheel drive system; clearly Audi has succeeded in producing a sedan with excellent performance and great fuel economy. And speaking of performance, the Audi is definitely no slouch in that arena. The two liter turbo-charged engine propels the A4 from zero to sixy miles per hour in seven and three-tenths seconds, and covers a quarter mile in fifteen and one-half seconds. Whether it is in performance, fuel economy, or technical features, Audi has given the A4 the ability to compete with any car in its class.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why You Need a Car Loan Modification

A car loan modification can provide you with a wide array of financial benefits. The main focus of these types of programs is to make car ownership easier and to help you fulfill your legal obligation to your car loan company.

Does your car loan have a delinquency status?

Many people are forced to skip their monthly car payment or to pay late in order to meet other financial obligations. A lack of income is the main cause of delinquency and it is affecting millions of people every day. When it is delinquent, you should use in order to fix your problems. You may have the chance to lower monthly car payments so that they are affordable and manageable.

Would you like to avoid car repossession?

Being able to continue to go to work in your primary mode of transportation is important. When you move forward with a car loan modification, you can prevent the repossession of your car and the applicable negative credit reporting that will follow you for several years.

Would you like to save money?

The overall expense of an auto loan includes interest which is the cost that you pay to have the ability to borrow money from a car loan company. When you lower auto loan interest rate, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars by reducing your interest by even a few quarter-percentage points. Every dollar that you save helps you expand your monthly budget so that it is easier to pay for other bills.

Do you own other types of vehicles?

A car loan modification also works for an RV, boat and yacht. This means that you can make it less expensive to continue to own these types of vehicles so that you can continue to spend your free time using them.