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Valmet is also known as the second source for Porsche to assemble its Boxter model.
Fisker Karma photo
The Karma is anticipated to sell for US$ 80,000. Top speed should be 125 mph (201 km/h) and 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) should be reached in 5.8 seconds.


Audi R8 Car Pictures And

audi r8 car pictures and

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If You Are Into Off Road Monster Trucks Get Ready To Be Blown Away! Introducing The Dominator Off Road 1:16 Electric RTR RC Monster Truck!

If you are into Off Road Monster Trucks get ready to be blown away! Introducing the Dominator Off Road 1:16 Electric RTR RC Monster Truck!
If you are into Off Road Monster Trucks get ready to be blown away! Introducing the Dominator Off Road 1:16 Electric RTR RC Monster Truck!

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Latest Upgrade Anderson Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition

Anderson’s car tuner from Germany introduce their latest upgrade program for the Lamborghini Gallardo, dubbed as the White Edition. Car body receives a new aerodynamics kit which includes a new front apron, side skirts redesigned, a new rear diffuser and rear wing remains.
The exterior is painted in a contrasting white matte with a beautiful new set of 20 “wheels finished in black. Tinted windows also stressed the beautiful black and white contrast of the car and bring a new sports suspension Gallardo is closer to the ground.
The German tuner also treat 5.2L V10 engine car is enhanced with revised ECU and a high air flow filter. Thanks to this upgrade and also thanks to the new ultra-lightweight sports exhaust system which weight 22kg less than one standard, the power of cars increased by 40 PS/39 total of 600 HP for HP PS/592.
The Lamborghini Gallardo Anderson White Edition also features several upgraded interior with a special carbon fiber white trim, seats and seat two-tone Alcantara sports.
Car 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition
Car Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition
Car Lamborghini Gallardo
Car New Lamborghini Gallardo
Interior Car Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition
Interior Car Lamborghini Gallardo
Interior Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Car Will Reduce Weight With Lightweight Materials

Supercar Development focused on light material on the Lamborghini upgrade this step is very fast with more power under the hood but from now on Italian supercar maker has decided to change their focus from more power to weight less at the same power with more fuel consumption and emissions.
They decided around 700 HP is enough and they will make their new car more quickly by reducing the weight of the car with lightweight materials. This step will encourage the acceleration towards a faster and will involve the use of composite materials in the right place.
Aluminum will probably be used as a substitute for heavy steel and with improved aerodynamics and start / stop technology next Lambos may actually fuel efficient and have low carbon emissions. Lamborghini also can make cars with hybrid powertrain management but who are more likely to come at the tail end of the decade.
Car New 2011 Lamborghini
Car 2010 Lamborghini
Car New 2010 Lamborghini
Car New Lamborghini
New 2010 Lamborghini
New Car Lamborghini

Upgrade Program Performance and Improvement ONYX Styling Bentley Continental GTO platinium

The program features performance upgrades and fixes for the Bentley Continental GT styling of Onyx Concept. The ONYX Bentley Continental platinium GTO received some aerodynamic enhancements like the restyled front bumper with carbon fiber, LED daytime running lights and carbon fiber front splitter.
Styling upgrades continue on the back where Onyx install a new rear bumper with integrated carbon fiber diffuser and matching carbon decklid spoiler. The new look front side of it flows into the rear of the car with new side sills and wheel arches are wider which makes room for a new set of 22 “matte black wheels.
Under the hood, engineers from Onyx to install power kit, dubbed “GTO” that increases the power of cars from 560 HP to 649 HP. The ONYX Bentley Continental platinium GTO also received a new suspension system that lowers ride height.
Car 2010 ONYX Bentley Continental Platinium GTO

Details and Specifications Joss supercar JP1

Australia-based supercar maker Joss Developments Limited has just revealed a few details and specifications of their JP1 Joss supercar. The JP1 is a two-seater supercar with a sub frame ultra-light composite honeycomb decorated with carbon fiber body and weighs only 940 kg.
Hiding Joss JP1 mid mount aluminum V8 engine capable of producing 500 HP and that is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Because of supercar really lightweight, with a powerful engine has the absolute power to weight ratio that makes this car as fast as a rocket!
This car can reach 100 km / h from stopped just in 3.0 seconds, can do a quarter mile under 11 seconds and can reach amazing top speed 340 km / h (211 mph). Every part of this supercar to play a major role in achieving this performance and only carbon fiber body, for example, to produce 200 kg of downforce at 241 km / h
Joss has not announced when they will release a JP1 Joss supercar on the market but we know when it will be priced around $ 500,000 AUD ie around $ $ 455,000.
Joss JP1 supercar details
Joss JP1 supercar

New  2010 Joss JP1 supercar details
New Car  2010 Joss JP1 supercar

SR Auto Upgrade Package Audi R8 Supercar Valkyrie

SR Auto Group is trying to add some dark style with the Audi R8 and released a special upgrade package for the supercar called Valkyrie. On the exterior, SR Auto Audi R8 Valkyrie receives carbon fiber body from the PPI Razor body kit that includes a new front air dam, side skirts, rear diffuser and new front and rear air vents.
New eye catching look dark improved by installing a matte black wrap front and tail, smoked, and sidelight. Finishing touches to the car’s exterior is to install a set of new 20 “alloy wheels One ADV7.1 Advance with a matte / gloss black lips.
SR Auto Audi R8 also received the new Valkyrie lowering springs from H & R that brought him closer to the ground. Inside, people from all over the cockpit of SR Auto adjusted by upholstering in a mixture of black leather and Alcantara with red contrast stitching and carbon fiber trim.
Audi R8
Audi R8 Valkyrie
Car Audi R8 Valkyrie
Car Audi R8
Car SR Auto Audi R8 Valkyrie
Interior Audi R8 Valkyrie
Interior Audi R8
Interior SR Auto Audi R8 Valkyrie
SR Auto Audi R8 Valkyrie
Velg SR Auto Audi R8 Valkyrie