Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Basic maintenance tips for your Luton van

After paying so much for your Luton van, it is important that you work at maintaining it to the best of your ability. This is to prevent engine problems and safe driving for a longer time on the van. To ensure this, you will have to carry out a weekly or monthly maintenance of the van so that you save on expensive repair bills and get cheaper van insurance in the long run.
Tyre maintenance is carried out by checking its pressure. Incorrect pressure can be dangerous as it affects the van steering, making it dangerous to drive. So monitor and alter it according to the load of the van. Even check its thread periodically as tyre threads below 1.6mm of thread cost you fines and penalty points
Ensure there is sufficient lubrication
Basic maintenance of your Luton van also entails periodical checks of its oil. With sufficient oil, you are sure the engine parts are lubricated properly. Insufficient oil leads to excessive damage and consequently, huge repair bills.
Make sure the engine is kept cool with water and coolant to prevent huge bills due to over heating. Similarly, the anti freeze levels of the Luton van has to be toped up, to prevent the engine from freezing in cold winter months.
Don't forget brake fluid levels
A very important part of the maintenance schedule of your Luton van includes checking the brake fluid levels. If you don't do this part of your maintenance plan, you face the risk of ending up in an accident because of weak brakes. If you check brake fluid levels, you benefit with cheaper van insurance as there are fewer claims.
An important, but often neglected part of your maintenance regime is checking of washer fluid. If this fluid runs out, you will not be able to clean the windscreen when required, and thus experience reduced visibility. With reduced visibility, the chances of your getting involved in an accident increases.
Besides all this, it is always better to take your Luton van to annual or half yearly service camps. Here, professionals will be able to carry out a thorough check on the van, to ensure that it is in running condition and that there is nothing wrong with the van. With regular maintenance and service checks, you save not only on your repair bills, but can also save lots of money on your van insurance.

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