Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Porsche Cayenne 2010 from article JE Cayenne

porsche cayenne tuning
The two tuning packages JE Design decorated two off-road cars beyond recognition. Though they are known from a few kilometers. Probably because there is no bigger off-roads that look like so sporty than this one, . The one thing is that they lost all their off-road possibilities. But it is very important that they have pneumatic bracket. So, what we have?

4.8 litter V-8 engine produce 405 hp and 500Nm. It allows to accelerate to 254 km/h. And take the first 100 km/h after 6 seconds. To tell the trueth it is not to much for this appearance. Probably a little bit charged Golf GTI out-distances you with this car. But comments about its design are not wanted here. All we can tell: 22 inch wheels at back and 21 at the front. Everything else for your attention on photos below.
porsche cayenne tuning

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