Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Jaguar, Land Rover Finally Turn Profit

Jaguar, Land Rover
If you were among the few Jaguar/Land Rover fans that wondered why Ford would sell off two brands they’d just invested millions in, congratulations, you can now tell your friend’s “I told you so.”

Having bled cash for a while prior to the sale, both companies were given new facilities and new models right before their disownment, and it would appear that investment from Ford has finally paid off as Tata has recently announced that both companies have turned a profit. Yes, you read that right, a profit. Thanks to an increase of 23% in total sales over the last quarter, Jaguar/Land Rover posted a profit of almost $5 million.

While nothing to write home about (that’ll only buy you around 50 XK’s), the profit demonstrates exactly how far the two firms have come from their darker days. Now producing vehicles that are easily the equal of competitors once thought out of reach, it’s good to finally see the buying public expressing their confidence in the two historic firms.

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