Thursday, January 27, 2011

400 Virginia

It didn't look like a comfortable way to communicate by phone, but the presence of the sweatshirt indicates this picture was taken on a day of Arctic cold in Key West- maybe 65 degrees.Cheyenne perks up considerably in these winter months and we have been walking long and hard to keep the Labrador active. She is now somewhere north of nine and a half years old and is as active and curious as ever. Stopping in the middle of the street to chew some delicacy off the asphalt irks me, though I am generally quite tolerant of her eccentric snacking habits.Gray skies green shrubbery and a yellow dog. Check, check and check, all present and accounted for.I very much enjoy the natural inclination around here for flora to not drop leaves. On the other hand I have a couple of West Indian almond trees around my house and they drop red dinner plate sized leaves all winter long which I have to rake up and get rid of over and over again. For the most part greenery stays green.
On the whole I prefer trees and green stuff to abandoned furniture in front of my home. The very nature of things on a small island makes it difficult to find somewhere unobtrusive to store the last tenant's left over crap. So there it goes, out on the sidewalk in front of God and Everybody.
And there are the expensive homes also to be found on the 400 block of Virginia.I walked past this intriguing scenario shown below, none the wiser what it represented. Cheyenne was hot on the trail of yellow police tape and trash parked outside in a bin.
Old Florida.Newer refurbished Key West.Coming up to Duval Street beyond the gumbo limbo. If you want a place to stay in the middle of the action I guess this place would be the answer, or one possible answer.It looked massive but I know nothing about it, except they do say on their website they have a couple of pet friendly rooms. That makes them stars in my book.Visitors that scoot together enjoy Key West more together.
This parked car bore an intriguing message so naturally I had to record it for posterity. Just for the record the one on the right in the picture looks nothing like mine; I hope the artist is just badly misinformed and not working from life.It is astonishing to me that some homes in this extra expensive town are not fully refurbished and occupied by wealthy out of towners. It is reassuring to note that some corners of this town remain stubbornly Conchy.More lovely signs in the town that is home to One Human Family, where all people are created equal.That's the four hundred block of Virginia.
That was fun. Where to next?

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