Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Volkswagen Touareg Je Design

vw tuning
vw tuning

The Touareg R 5 has been given a performance boost, which increases the basic power of the 2.5 l TDI engine from 128 kW / 174 bhp to 152 kW / 206 bhp. Following this performance enhancement, the maximum torque goes up to 460 Nm. JE DESIGN also supplies a performance enhancement package for the Touareg V 10 5.0 TDI, which gives the brawny VW 259 kW / 352 bhp, equating to an increase of 29 kW / 39 bhp. Following this enhancement, the maximum torque is increased from 750 Nm to 855 Nm. Placed between R 5 and V 10, the 3.0 V6 TDI completes the available engine offering. 165 kW / 225 bhp and 500 Nm are the standard values of this engine. A power plus of 45 kW and a torque increased by 50 Nm propel the vw tuning Touareg in 8,9 seconds from zero to 100 km/h (standard: 9,9 sec) and enable a top speed of 207 km/h (plus 6 km/h).

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