Saturday, December 19, 2009

Car Modification Tips

For car lovers, would have been familiar with the name modification of the car. Even many who specialize in race cars modification results. The part can dimodofikasi inside and the outside of the car. In order for the modifications really as you wish and not a wrong move, a good idea to first read the following few tips:

1. If you are really new in terms of modification, you should use modifikator a proven reputation. This way you can better focus on the early draft of how the desired car modification.
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2. After the initial design is complete, it is time to adjust to the existing budget. Find out first what price is required for modification, ranging from spare part to the honorarium for the modifikator. Do not put too fit budget, give respite beberpa percent to keep things that are not desirable.
3. Make a list of spare part. Before shopping, start by noting first of all needs, and then note what goods are purchased in order not to buy the same item twice.
4. If you intend to modify the car from scratch, you must first choose a suitable car. Find a used car that is still feasible to be modified. And most importantly, make sure the car is not a stolen car!
5. If you intend to replace the car paint, first paint erosion must be done. Is common practice with Blasting method that makes the car back to the original color is gray. After the liquidation is complete, it's time you contacted berpengalamandan painters began choosing colors. The important thing here is the quality of the paint, not to choose a cheap paint but also cheap quality.
6. For the engine, brakes, suspension, and tires, look for the type and type that matches your car, so that these components durable. Engine is the most important and expensive. Make sure you choose the machine according to what your previous designs.
7. After all is installed, time to consider the interior and exterior design. This is the most interesting people, therefore, choose the color and stroke of the right techniques, so your car will look beautiful.

If you are really a fan of modification, a good idea to join the various communities, so that you can exchange experiences. Remember, experience is the best teacher. Enjoy your car modification results ....

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